Testimonials and Quotes

Thanks for your all your help, it is so good to be able to have instant assistance! We are very pleased so far and have been spreading the word when I talk to other clubs at meets

We've been ticking along nicely, started using the gala functionality to great effect. Next up is a test run of the DD functionality in April and then a full roll out in May. Plus getting the membership form for new swimmers onto our website. Thanks again for your guidance.

I have to say that all our volunteers are really pleased with the system and has made life so much easier for many of them. (especially me 😊)

Club Organiser is a fantastic platform that has enabled some very significant cost savings for our Club, which have been very much welcomed over the past 2 years.

Thanks heaps. I took over as treasurer in 2019 (2 years ago) and have dealt with cheques, £10 notes, having to change individual swimmers for races via GoCardless, and during the pandemic the coaches kept switching kids around in sections and so sometimes I was moving 70 swimmers around every month! Now we use Club Organiser the coaches can move the swimmers around as much as they like and I don't have to get involved. I literally can't wait to get the fixture payments and merchandise sorted.

Wow!I have to say that I have been in business for 10+ years as an owner of several child day care nurseries and I don’t think I have ever had such wonderful service. Thank you

We've only been using Club Organiser for 10 days and it's really easy to use, to manage large numbers of swimmers, families and volunteers. Billing is a dream, enabling us to manage over 10 different squads and over 40 learn to swim classes and a combination of billing processes. Getting up and running was straightforward, and the help provided by the CO team was great. Tech support is incredible, great helpful people and very quick, timely responses. I will be able to move our club processes to almost 100% paperless as this great platform covers almost all of our club administration needs. It is great that Admin roles can now be shared amongst our small team of volunteers. Club Organiser listens to our feedback and reaches out to see how they can improve. Couldn't think of a better system to run our club and teams.

An absolute MUST for all clubs – Very easy to use – No more chasing members for fees as the Direct Debit facility is fantastic – Galas entered and paid for online is a godsend!! The most important features for us as a club are Direct Debit, Online Gala Entry and Payment, Medical Detail storage and access, Live Registers – Simply Fantastic!

My grandson, Ollie recently joined a more competitive swim club who use Club Organiser. I was so impressed with the way it works from a parental/guardian point of view, that I wanted to know more. We now use it for our smaller swim club that I still volunteer as secretary for.

As the Treasurer for the Eastern Teras, the move to Club Organiser has made a significant improvement to the workload. All event entries are now produced in a summary we can use to organise the sailing clubs without the need to compile additional lists. I also know everyone has paid!  The merchandise page has made the ordering of hoodies by the secretary a breeze and we can now concentrate on undertaking the coaching not the admin.

The parents of a new swimmer who’d recently moved to our club from another, told us about Club Organiser as they had been using it – we’re glad they did as we use it now and our members are able to update their own details online, receive all club emails and we hope to soon use it for entering fixtures and galas as well – it makes our job of running the swimming club so much easier.

The ability to mailmerge members fees documents made a huge difference to the amount of time I spent on admin every term. Being able to print off payment reports also helped, so I could chase outstanding fees more easily. My favourite aspect was being able to keep check of members more easily for the big annual ASA membership renewal each January – marking members as inactive when the dropped off during the year and then deleting them all en masse when they didn’t renewed their membership the next January!

Our community association needed a database that we could control and also use to send out emails to all our members, but that was more than just an Excel Spreadsheet. Club Organiser was such a good offer - it doesn’t matter to us that we don’t use all the features at the moment – we can always choose to do more in the future, and will still pay the same amount!

I asked for a system whereby we could choose teams from active registers, email those team members and update them of any late details quickly and easily, and I was very happy to find that CO provided it all.

As the newly appointed Club Secretary, I’ve found the Tutorials very good and user-friendly, helping me learn about the software and what can be done. The club’s been using CO for about 3 years now, so I’ve had to catch up and the support and prompt responses from the Club Organiser Team to any queries I’ve had has been great.