Frequently Asked Questions

The free trial is for a full month and you have access to the full system, although you won’t be able to test out payments unless you have the appropriate payment accounts set up e.g. Stripe or

As the system is fully responsive, 'App' icon access from your mobile device gives full functionality 24/7 so there is no need to download an app. See here

Live member balance payments from member's login dashboard means no billing or invoicing is required, but clubs can select to send automatic emails to members when monthly fees are applied to their accounts.

That’s entirely your choice, and can be changed any time you wish to do so too if you later decide you acted in haste. Manual payments (Cash/Cheque etc.) can still be taken by clubs and just added into the Club Organiser system manually. Naturally, it’s much more time consuming than using the automated systems, but at least you can still Debit the members’ accounts with their fees automatically, so you don’t need to post/email out invoices etc. as their account will show as RED when they log in to their members’ page and they’ll see they need to pay.

Club Organiser do NOT levy any charges for the service of online payments. The only charges that apply, are those levied by the Online Payment Service Provider (i.e. credit card/debit card/bank/Stripe/GoCardless), and with the advent of the PSD2 surcharge ban (from 13th January 2018), all clubs should now absorb the cost of these extra charges. We would suggest building these charges into your club's next annual fee increase.

Yes, absolutely. As are all your members’ details. Club Organiser runs on an encrypted 256-bit SSL connection, and in a state of the art data centre, where backups are taken throughout the day, to ensure your membership details are safe and secure. The database, where your club's details are stored is separate from the website, and encrypted. For further reassurance, we refer you to our full Privacy Policy which can be found at the bottom of any page.

No. Club Organiser is a secure, Cloud based software system that is accessed via an Internet Connection, so there is no need for hardware or downloads. If you choose to download any reports, registers or club documents, that is of course your decision, but it’s not necessary as all those features are constantly accessible with a wifi connection.

Very easy if you can access and download your current system's member information in a .csv, .xls or .xlsx format. Alternatively you can upload your member's straight from an OMS report. If you need help, or further explanation, please call or email us.

We've had clubs transfer from both TeamUnify and Swim Club Manager so far, with no trouble at all.

Yes you can, in fact we encourage you to and provide you with an Excel spreadsheet template to ensure you can do it as easily as possible. If however, you don’t feel confident enough to do so, we can certainly do it for you. In this instance, we refer you to our Additional Pricing page for a full description of what might be involved.

Yes. Club Organiser offers Central Account Management for all your clubs administrators, making all changes instantly available to view. (If someone is already logged in when the change is made, they will need to ‘refresh’ in order to view the newly updated page).

No. We have some clubs with as few as 45 members, and others in excess of 600. Our pricing structure makes us affordable to clubs of all sizes and means that only those clubs who go over and above the inclusive offers, are charged, so clubs only pay for their own excess.

Yes. Inclusive tick boxes appear on a members’ personal detail page (Admin view only) – so just tick the boxes for the relevant sections and any emails, fees applied etc to those sections will automatically go to the member concerned. If they leave a section, simply untick the box, click ‘update’ and the pages changes are saved instantly.

No. Keep your existing email address if you wish (personal or Club), and we’ll divert the emails via Club Organiser to your own account. (e.g. could in fact be diverted to without anyone else seeing your personal email address. The same applies for reply to emails)

Access to reports is on an ‘authorised only’ basis, so only those who are granted a level of access by your club’s SuperUser will be able to access reports. These include : ASA Report, DBS Report, Qualification Report, Club Message Report, Starter/Leaver Report, Attendance Report, PB Ranking Report, Banking Report, Overdue Account Report, Account Balance Report, Outstanding DD Report, Club Event Report, Fixture Report and Merchandise Report.

* Currently under development is a Report Template feature which will enable you to select what data fields you want included in your report.

Yes. Registers for both class and/or section are available and can be used either Live (with wifi connection on a device of your choice) or manually, by printing out the register sheet before the session and then marking them with pen. The attendance report option can also be used to check attendance provided the attendance sheets (registers) have been completed prior to the report being raised.

Yes. The Bulk email option allows emails to be sent to Sections within a club, or all the members of the club as a whole, whilst each member has an, ‘email member’ icon on their members’ list detail that will allow an email to be sent directly to that member only. Email templates are given for both options for you to use/customize. Club Organiser ‘Extras’ also includes the option to make a ‘Team’ (e.g. Relay U11) and then gives the option to bulk email those team members simultaneously.

Yes. As long as a club membership secretary (or other, authorised personnel) has entered the Swim England Registration Number, Swim England Category and Club Rank, into a members’ account details, then the info should be correct and up to date. The Annual Swim England Fees for the whole club are changed by the club membership secretary each year at their discretion, and can be applied to all members’ accounts within Club Organiser simultaneously. Club Secretaries can also store a copy of the Swim England Registration Documents within Club Organiser ‘Documents’, for existing members to access and complete should their category of registration change. (e.g. from Cat 1 to Cat 2 or Cat 3) The document can then be printed off and given to the membership secretary for their attention. Any extra payment made in respect of any upgrade in registration can also be added manually to members’ account within Club Organiser by the secretary. Currently, the Swim England Online Management System does not link directly to any administration software systems, although we understand this may be something that the Swim England are considering for the future!

Swimmers’ PBs are uploaded to and stored within Club Organiser, thus enabling a club to set up/upload all the gala info. (Either manually, or by uploading a HyTek MeetManager, or SportSystems, file for example). Then, members who are eligible (based on the gala QTs entered), will see their eligibility displayed on the members’ login page and can select which races they wish to enter. Once entered, an email is sent to both the Competition Secretary and the Member confirming which races have been entered, and the amount paid. (If the club has Stripe set up, the member can choose to pay online using the automated option direct from their login page). If not paid online, the member can say so when selecting their races and then print off the entry form and hand it in to the competitions secretary with cash/cheque payment in hand. The competition secretary will then need to process those entries manually through the fixture list within Club Organiser.

Click on the red ‘sign up’ button in the top right hand corner of any Club Organiser page and then follow the on screen instructions.

If you can’t find the answer in the FAQ’s, YouTube Tutorials or User Guide, then just call us or email us and we’ll be happy to help. We understand a lot of volunteers have full time jobs as well, and make ourselves available as much as we possibly can outside of ‘normal’ business hours to answer your queries or help where needed.

You will receive an automated email and first invoice for the month ahead 7 days before the end of your free trial. All instructions are included in the email, so you simply carry on using the system and as long as your first payment is received when due, nothing else needs to be done.

In the event that you decide not to continue using the service after the free month trial, simply email us to say so and we’ll remove your club details immediately. In the event that we do not hear anything from you at the end of the free trial, and no payment is forthcoming within 7 days, your right to access will be denied automatically and all records removed/deleted forthwith in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of use.

Club Organiser are charged for the provision of text messages – a charge that we have to pass on to the clubs that use them. By not incorporating texts into the Club Organiser ‘Package’ price of £24.95 a month, we are not penalizing those clubs who don’t wish to use them, making if much fairer on everyone. We’ve found so far that most clubs tend to use Text Messaging purely in cases of emergency or last-minute crises only, as most members’ communication is either conveyed via email or bulk club message, before an event. (It is worth mentioning that mobile phone operators average out the cost of so-called ‘free’ messaging across all users of their packages to make it work profitably.) If your coaches are given access to the system via login, they could always use their own ‘free’ texts to send out SMS messages on their phones by using the emergency contact details shown on the live register pages/sheets.