Effortlessly collect fees - GoCardless affilliation enables Instant Payments and Direct Debits, whilst Stripe takes care of debit and credit card payments, including Apple Pay and Google Pay options.

No billing or invoicing required as members see their account balance on their dashboard and can pay direct via Instant Payments or Stripe if no DD or Standing Order set up for it. (Facility available to auto email members to notify of fee application if a club so wishes)

Auto debit members' fees at specified intervals as well as ad-hoc credits and debits to members' accounts by authorised users.

Standing Order or other payments can be uploaded by either electronic or manual bank statements in Quickbooks or Excel formats for reconciling, using members' unique login numbers as a bank reference.

Authorised users (e.g. Treasurer) can generate cashflow spreadsheets for a given time period, and can easily issue refunds.

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