Club Organiser allows you to manage your sports club, course or classes from anywhere with a connection to the Internet, via all devices, thus enabling you to be in touch with your members and clients when you need to be.

As a 'broad overview', some of the more important (and most popular) features included are :

Club Organiser software continues to grow, and as it's an all-inclusive price of £14.95 a month (less than £180 per year) for everyone, regardless of club/business size. If you do incur any extra charges (SMS messaging/above excess emails) then it's because your club have used them - we don't expect our clients to pay for things that other clubs use.

As we are still receiving requests from different club/business types, our expansion is ongoing and some of the features we're currently working on include:

A more exhaustive list of Club Organiser Features




Fixture Management (currently Swimming Clubs only)

Event Management

Race Management (currently Sailing Clubs only)

Team Management

Personal Bests (currently Swimming Clubs only)


  • Banking Report (ideal for Treasurers to use)
  • Club Members (and Parents if under 18 years of age)


    1 Some extra initial set up required
    2 For swimming clubs who use Hytek Software's Team Manager
    3 Extra cost involved (currently 8p for each mobile number messaged)
    4 Times converted using UK Swim England Equivalent Performance Tables

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